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Chinese social media

Sina Weibo is one of the largest social media in China. The number of MDU (monthly active users) of Weibo reached 465 million in 2019. That's 54 million more than last year. As high as 203 million DAU person-times, such user pool size and leverage effect ensure that very low conversion rate can achieve a high number of final conversion results, which is also the basic the KOL effect and the reason for the rapid success of influencer marketing in China.

In terms of consumers' consumption habits, according to the 2018 Weibo e-commerce industry questionnaire conducted by Sina Weibo, 76.6% of the 2,153 valid samples of the younger generation born after 1995 would recommend products recommended by influencers to each other. Of those, 18.8 percent choose to buy directly after being approved by trusted influencers, and 88 percent said they had bought products based on influencers' promotions. Currently, in China, short video streaming media such as Tik Tok are also massively expanding their user scale of live broadcast sales. They are also using user data to design more accurate content delivery.

Traditional advertising models generally pursue media exposure rather than the final customer conversion effect. A 1% CTR is already an excellent performance. On the other hand, the conversion rate of Kuaishou's online live broadcast platform is generally based on the final sales effect (CPS). Such a sales mode can quickly increase the brand exposure and product conversion rate, accelerate the speed of capital circulation, and directly promote the globalization and social development of cross-border supply chain, and quickly realize brand incubation.

Cross-border live broadcast sales of online celebrities are a new trend of e-commerce sales in the future. Meanwhile, live broadcasts such as check-in tourism locations by influencers can even bring more competitive opportunities to some traditional tourism industries, which is conducive to the development of the local economy.

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