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New Market Prospect

With the rise of Internet live broadcasting in China, live broadcast sales have become a viral online marketing tool. Compared with the traditional physical stores or sales agents, live broadcasting online transactions can take advantages of the influencers’ massive amount of followers and reduce the cost for customer acquisition through accurate marketing and publicity campaign to cut into the market, locate target customers, improve cash conversion rate, and significantly reduce the profit segmentation and loss from advertisements, user filtration and sales. Thus, suppliers will receive higher profits.

Canada trades a lot with China. Canada also has a unique advantage in cultural communication. There are not only Chinese living in Canada, but also a large number of other ethnic groups who choose Chinese as their second foreign language. They have a certain degree of exposure to the cultures of both Canada and China. In the process of live streaming to China, the advantages of cultural affinity and cultural differences will be distinct.

In this context, I-Influx's business plan is to find and identify social fans or various PGC content producers who are interested in becoming overseas Chinese influencers. With the company's channel and resources, influencers can quickly increase their followers and receive publicity opportunities to become famous influencers. In the end, all kinds of Canadian products will be promoted in the form of live broadcast sales, forming a three-party win-win business model.

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