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I-Influx Entertainment & Advertising Inc. (hereinafter referred to as I-Influx) is a brokerage firm headquartered in Canada. It is an MCN company within the e-commerce industry that recruits and trains web celebrities and influencers. 


INFLUX will recruit and train people who are eager to be an influencer. Our service includes training courses, character design, live broadcasting venues and live broadcasting equipment, Canadian product supply, cooperate with the live broadcasting platforms in China, follower attraction, and other services.

Through our service, our clients will be a popular influencer in China e-commerce industry and, will gain a proud wealth career.

Meet our CEO


I am Xiao He, the CEO of I-Influx.

The commercial value of I-Influx relies on China's huge demographic dividend, the advanced mobile payment technology, enjoyable online shopping habits, and mature live stream broadcasting sales system, which can achieve commercial realization and capital accumulation quickly.


If you are a talented individual, welcome to join our influencers team. I am glad to help you to be a popular influencer and bring you and your talent in the face of the Chinese customers.


If you are a brand of Canadian, let us sell your products or service to Chinese market.

Contact me :


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